Questions for…somebody living with anxiety and depression

This month I'm looking to change things up a bit. I've talked a lot on this blog about my own experiences of mental health difficulties in the hope of inspiring others to do the same, to show there's nothing to be ashamed of. I know how I feel but what about others? Throughout this month… Continue reading Questions for…somebody living with anxiety and depression

Questions For…Somebody Living with Panic

If you're new here, throughout November I'm talking to people who have their own experiences of mental and physical health problems. My last post was with Jade talking her experience of anxiety and depression. I ask the questions and my contributors give me their answers which will be unedited. Today is Lisa's experience of panic, anxiety… Continue reading Questions For…Somebody Living with Panic

Fate, Chance and Orchestrated Happenstance

I'm back! I'm sorry it's been a while I've been hit with writers block over the last couple of months...for the blog anyway but the book is finally starting to be put down on paper, or laptop at least. Today I got home from work and had a surge of creativity and an impulse to… Continue reading Fate, Chance and Orchestrated Happenstance

Health, Weight and Feeling Yourself.

So about a year ago I wrote a post on self-esteem, body confidence and the media. I looked at how the current age of social media and unrealistic perfectionism infects us into striving to be something which is unobtainable. It's annoying but something I've never personally felt too pressured by. Interestingly when I wrote that… Continue reading Health, Weight and Feeling Yourself.

Happy Place

I'm back! After blogging every single day throughout June I needed a break. I've taken 18 days off but it feels so much longer and I'm really ready to get back into the swing of things again, I'm hoping to post a couple of times a week at least. A lot has happened in my… Continue reading Happy Place

The End

So that was it, 30 days of blogging every day throughout June all done! And what a month. I started off with the purpose of each post being meaningful, albeit with the awareness that some would have to be shorter. That didn't really happen now did it! Although I've felt much more connected to my… Continue reading The End

Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 29 – Knot

Today's word prompt was ‘knot.’ What. A. Day. My stomach has been knots. I've been on a new level of on edge today. I collected my giant bag of medication from the hospital, took it and it literally knocked me out. Dot was back at the vets and got the all clear which is incredible… Continue reading Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 29 – Knot


I'm home! Doctors weren't over the moon but I feel ready to be treated in the comfort of my own house instead of a sticky germ filled ward! Just sunk into bed with my creature comforts and it feels amazing. I'm a bit all over the place and a little overwhelmed by everything that's happened… Continue reading Home

Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 26 – Lucky

No word prompt today as I've just got some things on my mind that I can witter on about! I've been in hospital a lot in my life but this time has been different. I never get nervous because I always know as soon as I get the treatment I need that I'll be okay,… Continue reading Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 26 – Lucky

Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 25 – Finesse

Today's word prompt is ‘finesse.’ Still in hospital so I'll be brief once again. But I'm off intensive care and on a normal ward wooo! I'm due to be in Disney in 8 days so concentrating on getting there. Don't think people are ready for the absolutely skill in which Danielle will be wheelchairing me… Continue reading Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 25 – Finesse

Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 23 – Help

Today's word prompt is ‘help.’ Incredibly ironic. I'm currently in intensive care but nothing will ruin my June Challenge. It's really hard to write so I'll be brief. Love one another, never take your health for granted and accept any and all help you can get because it's never a weakness. Goodnight x

Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 22 – Peace

Today's word prompt is ‘peace.’ How do we find inner peace? I used to believe I'd only feel this when everything in life had slotted into place, but I'm realising that through 99% of life there's always something we would change. It's rare we're ever completely happy with our lot. I found that the secret… Continue reading Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 22 – Peace

Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 21 – Rose

Today's word prompt is ‘Rose.’ I wake up every day at 5:15am. I'm lucky that I'm surrounded by fields and the sun absolutely pours through my window uninterrupted at the crack of dawn. Today I had a bit of a lie in, I rose from my pit at around 7 and I needed it! I… Continue reading Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 21 – Rose